Mexico City | November 18th 2017
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Amoo esta foto de Abbey Lee… todo si lo piensas bien es todo muy simple, pero los detalles hacen la diferencia y se ve súper elegante..
Translation: Looove this picture of Abbey Lee… she looks so simple but at the same time so elegant, details change everything…I leave you here with a Jean Paul Gaultier quote “In fashion you are supposed to hate what you have loved before. I cannot do that” maybe in life to move forward you have to do that… what do you think??
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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February 14th, 2011
  • So…

    Si! Esta increíble….!

  • Anonymous

    que padre anillo

  • So…

    jajajajaja you sure are!!
    -i love abbey Lee too! so muuch!

  • chuck n.

    i love abbey lee

  • durbansweatheart

    if so im on the right track.