Mexico City | May 24th 2018
Last minute!
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Una de las cosas que a veces puede ser un poquito frustrante de un blog de estilo personal es que en la gran mayoría de los casos necesitas de alguien que te tome las fotos, he considerado parar gente en la calle para que lo haga, pero gracias a Dios no he llegado tan lejos… así que muy amablemente Mariana mi amiga se ofreció a tomarme las fotos… Quedamos a cierta hora y yo ya vestida con otro outfit completamente diferente no encontraba un cinturón que me quería poner, así que me empecé a cambiar como loca de ropa, Mariana estaba llegando a mi casa, el sol ya se estaba metiendo y literalmente me vestí de cosas que me gustan por separado pero no estaba muy segura como se iba a ver todo junto… el resultado me gustó mucho! A ustedes ¿qué les parece? ¿Qué hacen cuando les ganan las prisas y tienen que estar vestidos a la de ya??
One of the things that sometimes can be very frustrating about having a personal style blog, is that you need someone to take you the photos, not for all the posts but for the most of them, so going through this issue I told my friend Mariana who happily offered to do it for me.. the time was running and she was almost arriving to my house and I couldn’t find a belt for another outfit that I had in mind, so I started changing outfits like crazy, she arrived and the sun was almost gone so I dress literally in 3 minutes, just grabbing things that I like but I didn’t know what the result of all together was going to be… luckily and I end up liking it a lot. What do you think? What do you do when you have to be dress very fast?
sofia lascurain, my philosophy, style, fashion, it girl, mexican blogger, fashion blogger, sofia lascurain, my philosophy, style, fashion, it girl, mexican blogger, fashion blogger, sofia lascurain, my philosophy, style, fashion, it girl, mexican blogger, fashion blogger, sofia lascurain, my philosophy, style, fashion, it girl, mexican blogger, fashion blogger,
I was wearing… Zara Kids Leopard hat, Zara shirt, BCBG blue velvet leggings, ZARA boots, vintage bag and MK watch.


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November 25th, 2011
  • sh-girl

    Love your shoes!

  • Patti G

    el bolso es preciooooso!!!

  • helena

    I'm in love with your boots and sweater!
    And wow, you look so tall :)

  • M and C

    amazing outfit! you look so amazing:

  • Clara Turbay
  • I love my old Levi’s

    Que guapa ! Estás perfecta :)
    Me encanta tu estilo. A mí también me pasa, mi hermana nunca me quiere hacer fotos y no tengo a andie más para que me las haga …
    Me ha gustado mucho el outfit !

  • a story about M

    love your look! :) amazing hat!

  • naya

    stunning blog!I looove your style,its gorgeous!!!Im your new follower xx

  • Fashion Fabrice

    this look is really gorgeous! especially for fast pickin;) When i have little time to pick an outfit i goall crazy haha;) mess up my whole wardrobe and end up wearing something easy and comfy, mostly black..

  • Vanilla – Notes from my closet

    Your velvet leggings are an amazing colour!!

    Love, Vanilla

  • Marzena

    Love your hairstyle ! It's amazing ! This trousers and boots are so great !
    Follow me too ? :)
    Kisses from:

  • silky skin

    I adore your pants. Are they suede? Also I love the overall outfit including the top and thee hat :-)

  • So…

    Thank you so much for your comments and compliments! You are all so nice!! :)

  • Wida

    Ah! I hate that! I always have to race to get the sun in my photos as well! All of the time! You are so naturally beautiful and stunning! You have the prettiest eyes ever!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  • cecylia

    ooh you look so gorgeous- LOVE your vintage bag and the velvet pants- only you have the legs to pull them off!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  • Cliff

    loooove your zara shirt, somehow it looks like a tweed fabric!


  • Closet Fashionista

    Hehe, I use the magic of a tripod and self timer (I should really get a remote, but I'm too cheap)

  • Sabrina

    beautiful pics!!!outfit is perfect!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  • Dark Blue Stripes

    Cool outfit. Love the vintage bag.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  • Paula
  • Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic

    You look adorable!!
    Love the hat and purse!!!

  • StyleFax

    Thanks for the comment on my blog..

    Please follow me..
    I allready follow you..

    By the way these trousers is them..
    Nice combo…

    Kisses :)

  • So…

    Jajaja no pero lo he considerado!

  • Mounch Mc

    Apoco paran gente para que les
    Tomen fotos? Hay no que pena hahahaha muy bonita sofí

  • India

    Love your bag!

  • Closet Fashionista

    LOVE this outfit!!
    And sadly I do all of my outfit posts alone…so they are always in the same place…POO POOO! XD

  • Stylissimo

    Very nice new blog for my Blog Library :)

    Visit my blog also please


  • Sailor

    Wow! You look so pretty in that cloth!

  • Lore Marquez

    sofii sii entiendo el problema de las fotos! y el look me encanta sobretodo los pantalones :)