Mexico City | May 25th 2019
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Photos.Gabriel Núñez

Que tengan un super buen día!! Muchísimas gracias a todas esas personas que visitan mi blog o me siguen!!

Translation: Hope you have a really nice day!! Thank you so much to everyone who’s visiting my blog or following me!!


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February 22nd, 2011
  • B the mermaid

    such awesome pics!

  • Anonymous

    estan increibles… magnifico fotografo!



    Thank you for being so lovely to me, it's a great honor…so nice you are from Mexico! Amazing country that I hope to visit in the future :)))

    You can follow me via Twitter:
    and also Blogspot:

    The links are also at the end of the right side of my toolbar…I'm sorry it isn't so clear at the blog…I'm doing a small makeover at the blog until Carnival…. for the better of course…
    I will follow you too..


  • TrendRebajas

    heyyy que buenas fotos!!! ya te sigooo me encanto tu Blog.. no lo conocia.

    un beso enorme desde Alemania.

    espero me visites tmb.


  • Anonymous

    I like how your always doing something new and different.. I'm really glad that you let me be a little part of your life!!!

  • Anonymous